Exercises to do to get in shape anytime anywhere

If you are looking for some quick workout suggestion to achieve the fitness of your life time see here.

CARDIO: Bike and run to improve your fitness and endurance.

PUSH-UP: The push-up is a great way to get your chest, obliques, and triceps strong and ready to take on the day. It is a simple, easy-to-perform exercise that can be done anywhere.

man doing push-ups

JUMPROPE: If you want to be better in the ring, in the gym, or whatever it is you're looking to do, I suggest that you get a heavy training jump rope.

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MEMORY MATCHING TEST: A memory test is a great way to be assessed on your memory, while giving a quick estimate of your skills. For example, you think you have a high score on your memory test, but you forgot to write down what the test said. On the other hand, you have a low score because you can remember more than one thing at a time.