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  1. Improving strength and conditioning with dumbbell sumo squats and kettlebell swings

    Building a leaner, stronger, and tighter body with simple exercises.

    To keep things interesting, it can be helpful to start with easy exercises and low-intensity training for strength improvements before progressing to more complex and intense cardio training. The first two exercises suggested are the dumbbell sumo squat and kettlebell swing, which can be performed with dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls.

    kettlebell workout

    These exercises require little skill and can be performed for one-minute sets of ten repetitions. The dumbbell sumo squat involves standing behind a kettlebell …

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  2. Muscle soreness can indicate poor performance at the gym or an injury

    This can be extremely hard to spot. This can be exacerbated in strength training.

    But if you're trying to do interval training, you'll want to take the time to really feel every contraction. And you want it so the whole muscle is being worked. This is why you want to start with simple movements. These simple movements can feel very different on different muscles. But you want to get them all done. So don't start with a deadlift.

    doing squats

    Start with a bench press or squat …

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